Developing research for agriculture that supports Oceana, Mason & Newaygo Counties

The West Michigan Research Station is a project created by the non-profit organization, West Central Michigan Horticultural Research, Inc, to develop a research station to support the agriculture that supports Oceana County, Mason County and Newaygo County and the unique soil and micro climate diversities.


Our Vision

Utilize all community, state, processor and educational stakeholders to build a facility that will hold a training room (120) , conference room, laboratory and fabrication facility.

Grower group collaborate with MSU extension on all assigned agriculture projects.

Training/ Meeting facility available for all community Non-Profits groups

Introduce a “Young Farmer” program back to the community and supply tools and land needed to support the program.

Partner with “MAEAP” and “Land Conservation” to ensure we explore all alternative energy possibilities and the agriculture practices are environmentally best in class.

Collaborate with the “Historical Society” to document Agriculture in the three counties.

The foundation team has been working diligently to get several grants lined up as well as receiving larger donations, however, the success of this project will require the local/regional agricultural community to come together to help make a generational difference in West Central Michigan agriculture.


Contact Us

For More Information:
Patricia Parson, Administrator
231-861-6333 x 294

Our Address

5185 N. Oceana Dr.
Hart, MI 49420

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