The West Michigan Research Station has been built, and we have the Founders Club to thank for their generous donation to make the dream a reality. While the Founders Club is set, you still have the opportunity to make a generational difference in West Central Michigan agriculture. The West Central Michigan Horticultural Research, Inc. is continuing to raise funds to maintain the legacy of the West Michigan Research Station.

We are asking you for a minimum $1,000 donation and in turn your Company, Farm, or Individual name will be recognized on the Defenders Club wall placed on the building recognizing your contribution.

To make an online donation, pay community event
registration or sponsorship use the button below:

To donate with a check or money order,
please make it out to:

West Central Michigan Horticultural Research, Inc.
Attn: Patricia Parson
5185 N. Oceana Dr.
Hart, MI 49420